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Being elsewhere

Away from the noise of society, to feel free and unburdened… at different points in our life, this is a welcoming notion.

The longing to hear our own voice loud and clear, to do our own thing unbounded; ultimately to be our own self without the expectations from others and the obligations to be this way or that.

If it is escape we wanted, it can be done. This world has many avenues and choices where we can numb to the feelings and thoughts, to shut away from certain experiences or to find distractions.

I wonder, is it about where we are or who we’re with? Is one environment or one way better than another to achieve this objective of so-called freedom?

Or is it what we carry within us, how we interact with our feelings and our thoughts, how we interpret any situation, that hold sway to our experiences?

The learning, the path is to be at peace – without conflict or tensions – wherever we are. Because wherever we are, there will be noise of mindless chatter, and the expectations from and obligations to that world.

There is no escape from ourselves. We will have to befriend our own self – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Then wherever and whenever will signify less.

A right life is contextual, a right attitude to it is to live to our nature.

And what is our nature? This then is the journey of self-awareness. This path is uncertain and endless, and our attention can only be to the present moment.

And perhaps “escape” is those moments of renewal, to reconnect to ourselves.

Where are you now? What are you doing now?

Are you still wishing to be elsewhere? Are you still working to be someone else? Is it time for renewal?



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