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Truth will emerge

A windy wintry day, somewhat unexpected three weeks into spring. I woke to the tinkling sound of wind chimes which hang on the front porch and sunlight peeping through the dark curtains.

Looking out, everything beyond my window is silhouetted against the sun, and there it was – the Japanese maple tree transplanted to its current spot in winter. It has been with me for over a decade. It had flourished for a little while then merely surviving the constrained conditions of a large pot.  A decision was made to move it otherwise we fear it would not survive the winter.

And just as it survived many years of being constrained within the large pot, it has weathered the harsh conditions of being removed from its familiar environment and transplanted in winter.

It is thriving again. I am pleased. 🙂

For some reason (and I will let you draw the connection) the scene before me also prompted this poem below.

There it is, a certain waiting
For the sun’s full majestic ray
For the blooms’ glorious array
For embodied warmth, a certain longing.

For love it’s ever presenting
For happiness I shall not look
For distraction there is the book
Sensations come yet will disperse
Actions and words as I rehearse
Truth will emerge in foreign nook.
~ FlorenceT


Prompt word ‘look’ for the ‘c’ line, as supplied by Ronovan Write’s weekly prompt.  What ‘c’ line? Check this out here.

~ FlorenceT


© 2020 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.



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