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Sensuousness… what’s your take on it?

A rainy day in the mountains, in (what feels like) the depth of winter.

As I finish the weekly errands, I long for a warm room, a seat by the window looking out into the grey sky and shadows of the nature around , a steaming cup of coffee its aroma wafting, a good book captivating my attention, and silence but for the raindrops hitting the window panes and the crystalline tinkle of the windchime beyond. Me-time.

It wasn’t that long ago my thoughts would have turned to figuring the activities I could do to make up a productive Sunday afternoon; so it was not entirely “wasted” on quiet me-time and running errands.

Running errands now holds special meaning, not merely a waste of time or even time spent reluctantly out of sheer necessity. Learning to be present to the whole experience without prejudging it has brought sweet moments of togetherness and connection. Time for the conversations we did not have as we go about our daily tasks during the work days. Time to deepen understanding and intimacy.

Home and we retreat to our own space – me to that seat by the window.

Each of us in our own me-time.

So to that good book…

~ FlorenceT

P/S Some sensual delight – busking in the time of COVID-19 in South Korea, with some humor.




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