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Life according to IKEA

Those who have ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture know this: the instruction manual makes sense, and it doesn’t.

It doesn’t make sense because we do not understand how this step can lead to the next, and ultimately becomes that piece of furniture we saw in the catalogue or showroom. It doesn’t make sense because we don’t get why there are those odd bits that are so unlike the usual familiar tools. It doesn’t make sense because we can’t see how the order of attaching this bit to that part could possibly produce a piece of completed furniture. Then there is perhaps the hesitancy to build until we understand it all or see the entire process. 

It doesn’t make sense because we attempted to use our knowledge instead of relying on another, in this instance the team of designers. It doesn’t make sense because we cannot let go of what we know, and how we believe it is supposed to be. Our conviction of what is “right” and our refusal to entertain the possibility of an alternative perspective or method gets in the way.

Then after the initial struggles, we “give up” and just follow the instruction manual.

It makes sense if we take each step one at a time, without doubt and overthinking. Within each step, taking as much care as possible, we do the step and we follow through as best we can. This even though we cannot yet see the “sense” of it.  Instead be amazed that someone somewhere has designed this; be grateful that all we had to do was trust, not question, and follow the steps.

Perhaps we ought to approach life the same way. 

Take the one step with the best care possible in that moment. Follow through. Be amazed. Be grateful. 

~ FlorenceT


© 2020 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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