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The heart of the matter

What a fortnight this has been… while I have had the privilege of working from home for some time now, the intense preparation for the work-from-home measures at my workplace has left me tired, sombre and contemplative.

As news of international travel bans, airlines implementing severe reduction in domestic flights, and borders closing were broadcast, I noticed my heart beating faster and “butterflies in my stomach”. My travel plans had to be cancelled. So were those of family and friends. I felt the acute disconnection, trepidation of future disengagement, and potential division and isolation.

An irrational fear for the world to come, negative in many aspects. What will society become? The grip of anxiety was momentary as thoughts flashed through my mind – from not seeing family and friends to not being able to experience this world I live in to having air travel taken away. What about these bothered me?

These fears are about “losing” close ones and choice, right? All that we have taken for granted. Do we still?

And in the brief anxious moments, I realise this. In addition to an astute contemplation for a life of simplicity, this crisis compels us to remember and to acknowledge this –

love and connection lay at the heart of our being and doing.

~ FlorenceT


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