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Shadow, and will you be happy?

KPop sensation BTS released their album “Map of the Soul: 7” recently to international acclaim; the theme of this album addresses light and shadow of our existence.

And listening to the songs I re-acquaint myself with the Jungian concepts of “light and shadow”. It has been a while since I studied them. It has been a while since I contemplated their presence in my life, and to acknowledge what is known or conscious, and what is hidden to me.

How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole. ~ Carl Jung

I knew what is hidden that is, our shadow, can be either positive or negative elements. I came to accept my flaws  as a part of me. Unsurprisingly the flaws were what I first saw and had to deal with. Forgiveness and self-compassion play a significant part in this process. I also saw the gifts, those parts I learned to celebrate no matter what others might say.

What is of significant when we confront our shadow is to see the repression or how certain elements on our selves are hidden from our conscious self. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of hiding determine our expression, and shed light on our behaviours. It is the behaviour that is observable and what we judge (if we must), not the perfectly imperfect human.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” ~ Carl Jung

In time, we will come to accept that polarised views of good/bad and right/wrong are misleading. Our shadow, our hidden side, is neither good or bad, or right or wrong, even if it is often referred to as the dark side.

The human journey is often about bringing this shadow into the light. It is to accept the positive and the negative aspects of the shadow. One cannot exists without the other, thus the development, the growth, is in navigating or negotiating these aspects. It is an art to live a kind, compassionate and functional life.

First, one has to accept and take seriously the existence of the shadow. Second, one has to become aware of its qualities and intentions. This happens through conscientious attention to moods, fantasies and impulses. Third, a long process of negotiation is unavoidable.” ~ Carl Jung

Being known that is, to come into the light allow us to express authentically, to engage effectively, to avoid if necessary, and to be at peace.

Perhaps this is why I am enjoying this song from the 20-track BTS album.


Some lyrics from the song – do they resonate?

The beat slips away little by little
I can’t put on an easy face
I keep forgetting familiar lyrics
There’s nothing going my way
Yes, it’s all in the past
Even talking to myself, it’s not easy
Is it my fault? Is it my wrong?
Only my echo comes back with no answer

Come home and lie in bed
Thinking if it was my fault?
Dizzy night, looking at the clock
Soon it will be midnight

Put my hands together to pray
Hoping that tomorrow I’ll laugh more, for me
It’ll be better, for me
When this song ends
May a new song begin
Hoping that I’ll be a little happier, yeah

(Ooh-ooh) And you gonna be happy
(Ooh-ooh) And you gonna be happy
I hold my breath for a very brief moment
And give myself a pat today, as well
(Ooh-ooh) And you gonna be happy
(Ooh-ooh) And you gonna be happy
Turn this all around
When everything is new, zero o’clock

Translated lyrics from

Perhaps KPop is not “light and fluffy” as many have said 😉 ?

~ FlorenceT

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