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Waking with gratitude

Days are flying by so it seems, and today I noticed my last post was 11 days ago. That’s a long time between posts. I have been writing though, just not blogging.

Sometimes the writing bug is satisfied elsewhere. And the privilege of choice did not escape my attention. Here, surrounded by books, writing tools and implements, in a space I can call my own with peace and longed-for solitude, gratitude sits right beside me as I pen this post.

Keeping the old conditioning at bay, my struggle has always been the voices in my head, sometimes screaming, often just whispering though relentless, beckoning for the right thing, the best thing. Never to slacken nor frivolous,  the conscientious one always answering the call to perform better, strive for more, be more effortful.

So it is that the past months flew by while I plodded my way through my professional and personal life.

Sleeping all day is never an option, so one must wake. So I did. The past few weeks is a testament to the virtue of patience and letting life unfolds. It does not necessarily arrive at the point which we had expected it. It in fact arrives at a place which it needs to be, even if I did not know it before. The virtue of patience…

Despite the full life (as some has called it) I am leading, it is never too full for moments of gratitude – to all that has gone before, and is now.

And so with slumber and rest, I am revitalized. I am paying attention to options and choices. I am making decisions I have put off for months.

It is indeed good to come alive!

~ FlorenceT


© 2019 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.



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