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Music Taste

I have been listening to music and watching a lot of music videos lately, more so than usual. The wonder(?) of AI on social media platform meant I was recommended more music of the genres that I liked. And as I kept following those recommendations, more of the same would arrive. I “discovered” artists I would not otherwise have known.

Soon my entire feed was populated by songs from the genres I was initially listening often to and the ones I then followed from the recommendations.

Of course, it wasn’t long before a stranger coming upon my music platform would think I only listen to KPop. You see, I was fascinated with KPop as a genre when it was first introduced to me by my daughter. As with anything I do in life and to better understand this genre of music, I found out what I could about it and also the songs and artists.

Any social media user out there would know that following recommendations could mean I am led to the same and in turn inundated with the same. I may have deepened my knowledge of KPop but it certainly did not broaden my appreciation of music. A vicious cycle, in that I lost track of other music.

When you are fed information or news that reinforce your understanding or knowledge of the world 100% of the time, it is important to ask why. It is less likely that everyone in the world thinks like you, rather that you have not been looking at things sufficiently broadly or from different perspectives. Just like the music in my feed, I don’t only listen to KPop and not everyone in the world listens to KPop. I have just lost the variety that I used to have.

To reverse this narrowing experience, which is similar to the “social media echo chamber” phenomenon, I decided to ignore the recommendations, to search for and listen to songs from different genres.

My feed is slowly restoring its diversity.

Living life, we have to be mindful each time we are on any media platform – to ensure we see the bigger picture, have a broader understanding, and varied perspectives.

We have to be conscious of the existence of “others” and to seek them out. Be open to difference and alternatives.


While you are here, enjoy this ambient pop band’s latest release.


~ FlorenceT


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