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Composition of your life

I am short in stature, petite as some would say politely. Compared to others around me, I have not had many opportunities in my life to look down at anything. Look at, yes. Look up, often :-).

Over the years as my interest in photography increased, I learnt to look at things from different angles and perspectives. Shooting from a mobile device also gave me access to “modes” and filters with the tap of a button. As a little hobby, I get to experiment much, except this perspective from the top, which I do not have an inclination for. Hmmm, I wonde why 🙂 Another thing about photography, I also learnt to pay attention to the composition of a photograph, of what was included and excluded, and what created the visual story being presented.

So it is with life.

We have to apply our skill of looking at things from different angles and perspectives. We need to hone our ability to consider and analyse through different filters. With the numerous combinations of modes and filters, angles and perspectives, there is always another view.

We must also have the awareness to appreciate what’s included and excluded in our and others’ stories, and why and how they contribute to or promote the preferred  story in the best possible way. Intentionally or otherwise, we or others are creating a visually pleasing story – sometimes real, sometimes not. Mostly constructed, and definitely a composition.

Here’s the question: are you happy with your composition?

~ FlorenceT


Image by นิธิ วีระสันติ from Pixabay

© 2019 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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