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In a dream…

Living conscious… to not just know in our intellectual mind, but also to attune to our emotional and somatic experience.  It is to pay attention to the happenings of our physical, emotional and spiritual spaces.

And I am reminded of this very recently.

I rarely dream, or should I say, I am rarely aware of dreaming or remember my dreams. Take what you may of this – some say, it is a sign of a lack of creativity or imagination? 😊

So when I wake remembering a dream so vivid, I pay attention.

With dreams, it is about the symbolism and the meanings we make of them. We interpret based on our life in that moment.  Sometimes there are many possible interpretations. Which is the appropriate or applicable to our life? My answer – the one which reminds you of the context of your life right now and which triggers or create most discomfort is probably the one to take notice.

This dream of mine involves face, skin and shedding. And no, it was not gory 🙂  The interpretations, as expected, are many and sometimes contradictory. There are a couple of possibilities, nothing concrete and hey, interpreting my own dream is not an exact science nor is it an art. I don’t hold onto any one interpretation.

It is a little knock on the door of awareness, of what it could mean and for me to continue paying attention to its unfolding. Experts on bias may suggest humans choose an interpretation and will, of course, then see what they wish to see to satisfy that interpretation. This is a possibility. If that is all that we are prepared to “see” then so be it. There is no quest for anything. Perhaps the interpretation is an acknowledgment of an unfolding which meets the soul longing, as in “it is meant to be”.

So skin shedding is about letting go of an unhelpful emotional state or old habits or ways of thinking, and transformation. And face is about perception of self or self-image. It is about identity and communication.

If you somehow believe this dream interpretation thing to be mumbo-jumbo, then consider it as an opportunity to reflect on “what is happening in my life such that I am dreaming about it? Why this, and why not that? Whatever you come up with is probably correct… since it is your inner terrain that is being explored.

So the next time you dream… 😉

~ FlorenceT


© 2019 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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