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It’s a mystery

Silence is mystery.

That which you can name or label, that which you can interpret or express, that which you can analyse or explain, they are not silent.

Silence for me dwells in the indescribable, that which I have no desire and no ability to explain in words but only to experience.

You will know the silence when you are in it, the otherworldliness within yourself… yet again these words will not do it justice.

Silence is the mystery, the quiet most sacred part of myself that does not seek. It is not an easy place to get to or be in, and I have visited on occasions. There is peace in this place, which does not yearn to be seen, heard, understood, or recognized.

It is a nothing-ness which comforts, heals and gives vitality to the going-ons in my life.

And I write about it not so much to impart but to embed. We walk our own path to silence.


To have true integrity, poise, and courage is to be attuned to the silence and invisible nature within you. ~ John O’Donohue



~ FlorenceT


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