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A final act

I have been called an over-thinker 🙂 and I shall not admit or deny this. It’s all relative and subject to circumstances. Sometimes it is warranted and thus, is it overthinking? Sometimes I ought to have been a bit more spontaneous, that’s for sure.

And sometimes they are moments of reflection, to ponder the meanings of things.

I posted about losing my wallet (and other things) last week. While itemising the loss for an insurance claim, I remembered a little piece of paper in my wallet which could never be replaced. That flimsy piece of paper, no more than 2cm by 5cm, had been in my wallet for more than 2 decades. It had been haphazardly torn from a ruled notepad and scribbled upon in red ink those many years ago and left on a library desk.

For those past years, the piece of paper was a reminder of love and care when times were tough; it signified hope when the future looked bleak. Words I had believed to be true and sincere, and still do. It is a part of my past which I had let go, so I can live in the here and now, and with hope of a desired future.

While no one is immune to having their possessions stolen, this incident was unexpected and I had written it off as bad luck. I have returned to my usual life. So you can imagine my surprise when this thought hit me out of the blue while driving. And I am grateful that it did. Yes, this is probably why I don’t mind driving. It can be meditative.

The loss of that tiny piece of paper may not be coincidental or “just bad luck”. It happened at the “right” time, a sign for a final act of letting go. Or perhaps this is merely what I choose to make meaning of, a narrative I choose to write?

Whichever it is, something has been put to rest.

All is as it should be.

~ FlorenceT


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