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Kindness of others

I was lucky there was no physical injury, merely a loss of property. A bruise to my ego to be scammed; it is some consolation by the fact that I was being kind and helpful.

It was the loss of personal items and conveniences that bothered me more than the loss of cash and credit cards, probably because I was fortunate to have people who could and did assist. Something from availability of lip gloss to ear phones and the ability to use the little plastic cards, which I had taken for granted. And when they were not, I became so very annoyed

The attachment to convenience, and to the availability as and when I want, made this such a first world problem. Nevertheless it was a blow to my sense of balance, of completeness.

This sense of loss made me realise how dependent we had become to the modern culture of ease and speed, and held captive by the merchants of this technology that churns on no matter.

Four years ago I learnt the lesson that I don’t need all that I have – dispensing with the burden of expectations and comparisons, dispensing with the fear of “just in case” which had led to accumulation of far more that I need.

So now I learnt this lesson once again, this time that I could be without a lot more.

I was reminded of the art of “not minding” as people were sympathetic but unhelpful, some expressing the necessary niceties but not caring.

I had to make a conscious commitment not to succumb to the angry, accusatory, or quick-to-judgment part of me. I decided I would not be cowed by one event, and have it marred the entirety of the experience.

Most importantly I realise this, and I will quote a dear friend “never say no to a chance to be with and connect with people”. She is right, and she demonstrated this by providing some needed moral support.

When unpleasant event occurs to us, we have a need to be reminded of the goodness and kindness of humanity, and that it is around us.

There were other compassionate and understanding people who strengthened my faith in humanity. This experience reinforced my desire to be kind in my everyday dealings with others. I may not be successful all the time but I am working on it.

Perhaps that one person I will encounter just needs to be reminded of the goodness of humanity in that moment?

~ FlorenceT


© 2019 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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