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Vessels of life

Tea cups. Coffee cups. Vessels.

And yet I hesitate to drink coffee from a tea cup. And tea from a coffee cup is not without its resistance 🙂

A first world problem indeed but that’s not what perplexes me.

When intellectually I know both to be vessels capable of holding liquid and from which I can drink. Yet It is a hard habit to break, this mental block of mine.

It is easy to justify with “but I have standards”.  But what does it mean?

And this morning, this hits me.

We attach a label and make meaning of this thing, whether it is a behaviour, a thing or an event. Then we become stuck with this decision (and it IS a decision, whether made consciously or otherwise) in that we take it for granted.  Think of all the “this is how it should be”, “this is what that means”, and “this is why this is so” moments in our life. So many unthinking, unintended reactions we no longer question after the first time we gave it a label and meaning.

We don’t question because we stopped paying attention. We forgo tea without the tea cup, or heaven forbid, coffee just because there is no coffee cup?

How silly, yet how common!

We miss the essential and get distracted by the peripheral… we dismiss the thirst or desire because the conditions or the means are not “right”.

We miss what’s real and true.

So perhaps that’s why I use mugs – oversized cup – into which anything can be poured, held and drank from. 🙂

~ FlorenceT

P/S If you are wondering, a tea cup tends to be shorter with a wider rim tapering to a smaller base, and a smaller handle usually for a single finger to hook on. Coffee cups are less shaped, and its handle larger allowing for 2 to 3 fingers to hook onto.


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2 thoughts on “Vessels of life”

  1. Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about it, but at home, I’ll use mugs for both tea and coffee, but I’ll only ever use my teacups for tea. It just doesn’t seem right to use teacups for coffee. Maybe I’ll try drinking coffee from then when I get home and see where else that leads me. Also, it makes me think of a Trumpet advert in NZ called Togs or Undies? It reinforces the meanings we give things rather than questioning them, but it’s very funny.


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