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Food bliss

A quiet Saturday and she, feeling a little under the weather, picked this episode to watch on Netflix.  Once again, I am grateful to be given this moment to catch another glimpse into the beautiful soul of this young woman. I was keeping her company, something I know she values much when comfort is needed.

If you know the series “Chef’s Table” on Netflix, this popular series is now in Season 6. Each episode focuses on a chef’s journey that has influenced our perception of food.

The episode (Season 3, Episode 1) I was invited to watch with her is on Jeong Kwan, a Seon Buddhist nun who cooks incredibly well. It is not just her craft, but more so her philosophy to growing and cooking food that is indeed inspirational.

This is a story not of cooking techniques, nor of “the road to fame” or “rag to riches” or overcoming adversity like some of the other episodes.

This is a story of gratitude and appreciation of life, in the practice of cooking. It is about the nourishment to be found in simplicity.

This is a short excerpt from the episode to whet your appetite.

Creativity and ego cannot go together. ~ Jeong Kwan

The episode resonated with me greatly, so I am sharing it with you.  Watch this where you can find it – great insights to be had.

And its (the episode) selection certainly gave me insights into this young woman.

~ FlorenceT


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2 thoughts on “Food bliss”

  1. I’ve never watched Chef’s Table before. Just watched this episode with my morning coffee and really enjoyed it. I loved the sense of calm, which is so rare in cooking shows.

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