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A foggy day…

The mysterious mountains this afternoon was engulfed in fog.

As I drove through the fog, the view barely visible 5 meters beyond, the mystery of what’s within the purple grey hues teased my imagination. Looking out the windscreen, I saw the outline of trees hidden in the breaths of this ancient magnificent land.

In that moment, I sensed a magical invitation to go further, to delve deeper, and at the same time, to be still to welcome the beauty that surrounds me.


My word craft is not sufficient to describe this feeling other than a  joyous rapture welling up in my heart.

Unlike past experiences, I was not afraid of what lies ahead, proceeding with caution and doubt. Instead I wanted to embrace it, to plunge into what lay ahead – beyond time, beyond this place, beyond me.

For this, I am driving through the alluring fog.

For a long time, I have either chosen not to proceed through the fog unless I am certain of all obstacles in my way and have strategies to manage them. Or I have walked along the foggy path with enough fear that I failed to see the beauty of the experience. Incidentally there is beauty, even in the most mundane or challenging times, always.

I have watched others rushed headlong into the fog mindless of the foggy situation, armed only with preconceptions of “it’ll be alright on the day”. Not my style. 🙂

Perhaps I am finally driving with attention on this foggy road and exhilarated by the mystery and beauty of what’s within and beyond – this life.

My wish for you,

~ FlorenceT


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