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Into 2019…

As we head into 2019…

The 2018 word of the year selected by is “misinformation”, and defined as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead”. It is to be distinguished from “disinformation” which is intentional and deliberate. Worth checking out this video.

Oxford Dictionary chose “toxic” as its word of 2018 which means “poisonous”. Its website provided these top 10 words with which “toxic” is most frequently searched.

  • Chemical
  • Masculinity
  • Substance
  • Gas
  • Environment
  • Relationship
  • Culture
  • Waste
  • Algae
  • Air

Merriam-Webster on the other hand selected “justice” as its word of 2018.

I wonder what’s on people’s minds as they searched for these words? Fear or love?

And as they proliferate, will these words create a narrative of our society and the lives we lead? Will they influence us to respond and behave in a particular manner?

Words are nuanced, and stories create our reality.

So let love guide your choice of words and create your story mindfully.

May 2019 be for you a year of clarity of thought, word and deed – free from misinformation and toxic contamination!





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