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A Star Is Born

What an amazing movie, and it’s not just the stars. Big names like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga do sell movies. As did Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in the previous production of the same name about 40 years ago (and I feel really old now 🙂 ). And there were 2 previous versions to that.

We know Bradley Cooper can act, he being the graduate of the Actors Studio Drama School, and many accolades of his talents. He is trying his hand at directing in this movie.  Lady Gaga is cementing her acting credentials, I guess, after her 2016 Golden Globe win for ‘American Horror Movie’. Both were incredible in ‘A Star Is Born’, embodying the search for redemption and self-trust.

Music is integral to ‘A Star Is Born’, and coupled with romance – who could resist? Well, not me.

The soundtrack was what attracted me to the movie. Here are a few tracks from the movie, which I adored especially ‘Shallows’. Enjoy!

And if you haven’t seen this recent version of ‘A Star Is Born’, I suggest you do. Highly recommended.

~ FlorenceT


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