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This may read like I am promoting this; in some ways, I am (though unpaid) because I thoroughly enjoyed these books and am so looking forward to their film adaptations.

First, “The Children Act” starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci.

Here is my review of the book by Ian McEwan which posed many hard questions. What will you do?

Image result for children act mcewen This movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September last year, and was finally released in the UK a couple weeks ago. It will be released in the US this week while I wait with bated breath in Australia … wait for this… for November??




Second, “The All Souls Trilogy” adapted for television.

Here is my review of the 3 books – “A Discovery of Witches”, “Shadow of Night” and “The Book of Life”

discovery of witches

“A Discovery of Witches” will be aired in the UK this week on SkyOne/Now TV. It will be released in the US in early 2019 on cable. Once again, times like this make me wish I lived elsewhere – no release date for Australia, not even a broadcast deal yet… 😦



If you get the chance to read these books, please do. Believe me, they are not what you think.

Now if everyone could say a little prayer on my behalf for All Souls Trilogy to be released Down Under… most appreciated 😉

Harry QuebertWhile we’re on this, the TV series adaptation of The Truth of the Harry Quebert Affair (which I also wrote a review) was aired in the UK last week, and in the US in May. Coming to cable in Australia end of this month… Ican’t wait; it starred Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey!



Guess I’ll be glued to the screen in the months to come.

~ FlorenceT


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