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Sensing snake

Snake. I sense snake, singular. I anticipate finding it behind the curtains or the bed.

For the record, I don’t have a snake phobia.

Yet lately I have been expecting its presence, a premonition without the fear, anticipating being taken aback by its presence and then … nothing. It feels okay.

Noticing this anticipation is enlightening on its own. And something deep within says, it’s a sign. I don’t go looking for signs, though I do believe in the universe providing guidance, in things happening for a reason.

That I am sufficiently aware to notice my anticipation of snake, and suspecting there is a reason for this, I go searching. What is a logical rational gal to do?

And this is on the back of a tarot reading a week prior. Yes, snake sign and tarot… I am beginning to sound less than rational logical… but hear me out.

I had walked past this tarot card reading service, I shall call it, for years. On the occasions when I actually notice the plaque, I would give a mental shrug and move on. Well that day, I walked past and a tiny voice inside said, “go get a reading”. Oddly it wasn’t until I was a couple of shops down the street before this beckoning registered in my mind. It stopped me in my track, and after some hesitation, I thought what the heck. Suffice to say the reading was more or less accurate in stating my situation now, and providing some caution for a future that is open to conscious creation and interpretation 🙂 .

These two “events” tell me that perhaps I am searching for something and opening up to opportunities to do so. I doubt they were because a supernatural force was speaking to me…

So, yes I go searching. What does a snake symbolize?

Unlike the snake symbol that I grew up within the Christian religion, manipulated to only mean deceit and evil, the snake in most cultures has always embodied the duality of good and evil. Much like human nature in that we are neither good nor evil, but rather a combination. Human work is to manifest more good than evil.

The snake, or serpent or dragon, in Chinese mythology is a shape-shifter, going through continuous process of metamorphosis. It is the sign of transformation. The shedding of skin points to healing, again of changing, of rebirth.

Imagining the snake in my home or bed … has its own significance, it seems. A sign for change or transformation in the family. There has been some of that lately… and more to come 🙂

I have come to expect nothing less in my life than constant change. It is a realisation I had years ago, and instead of fearing it, resisting it, wishing it was otherwise… I had learnt to go with it. The anxious sensations still rumble on occasions, that’s human nature.

I choose to be a dynamic participant in its unfolding, consciously moving in my world… watching, noticing, crafting, responding, and always grateful.

~ FlorenceT


© 2018 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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