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Feeling mellow

After a “busy” time, today I had time to chill.

I have written “busy”, not busy, because most associate busy with frenetic activities and stress of the harmful kind, usually delivered with a roll of the eyes and perhaps a sigh.

Well, not so in my case. My “busy” days in the past 4 weeks were pleasurable. I went on a holiday with two very important people in my life, I returned home to Chinese New Year celebrations,  I attended a conference and reconnected with some beautiful people, there were friends and relatives who visited, and I returned to work with renewed vigour.

It was “busy” because my mind didn’t receive the space it needed to be free, that is to explore with curiosity, to create without limits, to be silent. As I went through the busy days interacting and communicating, and doing what needed to be done moment by moment, the introversion tendencies retreated to accommodate them.

So today, being aware the weariness from lacking space for introspection can no longer be sustained, I finally re-calibrated.

Oh, I worked. I worked on that which required creativity and inspiration. I spent time alone with my thoughts. I sang.

And now, as I sit here writing this post, a sense of mellow is finally settling in. Guess it’s worthwhile to know what I am about. 🙂

I am reminded of the feel of an almost 10-year old song. So here it is.



~ FlorenceT


© 2018 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.




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