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Identify yourself

Who are you this year?

Do you know, have you an idea… perhaps an inkling?

For many years who I am was tied to the roles I played, and it was not easy to move across the invisible but strongly felt boundaries. I remember on a train at peak hour commute, telling myself I needed to stop being adversarial and argumentative, and instead be nurturing when I entered my home into the open arms of my son.

I wasn’t particularly comfortable operating in any one role, finding each lacking on their own. And I was partly to blame for this dis-ease. My mind needed to make sense of my busy existence (which I wore like a badge of honor) so it compartmentalized these roles. Then I fitted myself into these segregated roles; each with strong stereotypical characteristics. I conformed to the stereotypes, creating an image or identity suited to the occasion, which meant removing the characteristics of the other roles.

Instead of bringing my whole self, I used what I had believed to be appropriate, the norms. Analysis for lawyering, caring for mothering, and so on. I would like to say there were overlaps, but mostly I kept things in their places. Any emotional struggle were hidden.

Thank goodness, I am far from those times. The passing of time and life experiences, deep reflection and self-work later, my mind now is a place for emotive thinking, my approach is of seeing change as inevitable and exciting, allowing for creativity and refusing to short-change myself. My mind receives messages from my heart. Most of the time.

And thus, I don’t identify with any one role, rather to see these roles as the layers within me, each rich with experiences bringing to me different knowledge, skills, mindset, attitudes and responses that I can apply to anything.

Our willingness to accommodate others’ expectations and to role-play compromise our integrity. There may be a price for being true to ourselves – that we may not be seen by those who choose to only see with narrowed vision, that we may show ourselves to be less than perfect, noisy and messy at times (heaven forbid! 🙂 ).

And a lesson from the years past –

To hold your identity and self-image lightly for they may evolve and change, willing to be flexible within context, and in each moment, choosing to be true to yourself.

So the question at the beginning is a bit of a trick.

I hope you are “just you doing you” – whole and authentic in your approach to all that you encounter.

~ FlorenceT


© 2018 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


3 thoughts on “Identify yourself”

  1. Hi Florence,
    Thanks for coming round to Beyond the Flow and I’m enjoying your blog and am being touched by your Haiku and this post about starting the New Year as yourself. That’s a question I ask myself every year as it seems that each New year feels ike a new beginning with no connection to the year before. There’s always soemthing which makes each new year different. This year, my daughter starts high school. She was in a selective class for the last two years and travelled an hour each way to school and I was needing to drop her to and from the station. She’ll be much more independent now and I can spread my wings a bit. This also means no more excuses…justified or not.
    Meanwhile, I’ve been bogged down trying to clear the decks at home to be organized for the next school year. This has been a monumental effort and I’ve cleared over 10 bags of stuff out, but still have a long way to go, but there are some empty spaces now.
    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, Florence.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Changes for me too, Rowena as my son goes to university. Like you I am running out of reasons not to get onto the book… 🙂
      De-cluttering is a great start, and it creates so much mental space as well!
      All the best to you and family.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As much as I resist decluttering and am a vocal advocate for “Clutttered Eclectic”, getting rid of all this stuff is feeling so cathartic. We’ll be having a garage sale in a fortnight. Yippee!
        All the best to you and yours as well!


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