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Making peace

Twelve days, and it’s probably one of the longest period of absence from my blog.

And in this “quiet” period, I’ve been spending time doing the things I love and with the ones I love, all in service of a certain malaise that hit. Long moments of reflection and pondering, of re-establishing a solid ground in my world.

There are many who say, “leave the past behind”, “forget about it” and “look ahead and move on”. And to them, my reply.

I have my history with me. It can be a burden or a knowledgeable companion; it can determine my future or be a beacon to show the way. Every detail and nuance of history shapes me but as I choose. What it means to me and how it will influence my future steps are decisions, mine alone.

With the passing of time, slivers of history re-surface in different guises, bringing different lessons which we may fail to notice, or ignore, or dismiss, or merely react to. Forgetting may be an option, a mental choice but the body remembers. I suppose I can get a “quick fix” which is likely temporary; or I can let it wash over me, to see the shimmering droplets of rain even as I get wet. As you probably guessed, the former is not, for me, an option.

We have a choice as to what we make of our past. I choose peace.

Making peace with our past is a process, a continuing awareness of

  • noticing what is presenting now,
  • greeting and making room for what comes,
  • giving ourselves space to touch it gently and hold it in the palms of our hands with compassion, and
  • allowing it time so we can listen and learn before it leaves.

In giving attention to our light and also our darkness we see completeness, and only then can we give voice, meaning to this story of our life.

~ FlorenceT


© 2017 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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