In relationship

The box of a past

I am humbled, again.

There are many joys in my work as a psychotherapist yet few would beat this.

It is a privilege each time a client enters the therapy room and engages with me in the therapy process. I am entrusted with one’s deepest feelings, darkest moments, fearful thoughts and liberating actions; in one’s most honest voice. It takes boldness to step into the therapy process and such courage to persist. I have encountered my light and my shadow through therapy, and I know while I have learnt much about myself and my relationships, the journey of self-discovery is confronting and at times perilous.

Yet today, a young woman gave me a gift so precious that I had to keep my tears in check. A young woman who has gone through fire gathered her strength to confront her past, contained within a box she had long avoided. She had offered to bring this box into our space and for the first time after many years, share its contents with me.

Once again, I am grateful for this calling, for the opportunity to create a holding space, for the trust brought into our therapeutic relationship.

All of us need a safe place we can go to confront our demons, and I am honored that I am that space for her.

And in that moment as she makes her suggestion, I know I am where I belong.

~ FlorenceT


© 2016 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.



4 thoughts on “The box of a past”

  1. Thank you for following your calling, this is the first time I’ve read of a therapy session from the otherside. It’s incredible how hard it is to find someone who truly cares about helping others, so thank you for being one of the few!

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