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Memories of an era

“Take care of all your Memories. For you cannot relive them.      Bob Dylan”

It is fascinating how memories return, in the least expected ways.

There we were, travelling home late at night after his training. A winter’s night, and he had earlier jumped into the car, hugging himself tight and then putting his hands over the air vents, for some warmth. We had stopped for fuel and a hot chocolate for him, which he then clasped within his hands, taking sips every so often.

That action in a series of quick flashes reminded me of holding a takeaway cup filled with coffee, going to work, an association to being an adult, then looking over to him and realising that he was nearly there, an adult and absorbing his features of a young man eager to take on the world, invincible.

As I began saying, “I didn’t think I would see this day of you holding a coffee cup…” the image of a small ceramic cup with white foam, on an equally small saucer popped into my mind.



(Babycino, a cappuccino without the coffee.)




Those days in early 2000s came flooding back of after-school pickups and coffee at the local cafes, well for me, and for him, babycino and the occasionally cookie. Memories of how he would sit so properly on his seat, his face betraying the excitement of the little boy with his big person drink. 🙂 And now, recalling our favourite café, ‘the cushion café’ we had called it for its large windows looking onto the tiny roundabout and across to the little park where we would sometimes venture and most significantly, the colourful cushions that were strewn across the window bench.

(The café, though you can’t see the cushions.) cafe





How time has passed. While I have recognized his increasing maturity, being quite conscious of it as he staked his claim on his independence, this didn’t hit me till that moment in the car, when perhaps finally on a cellular level I finally got it.

I asked him then, if he remembered our daily sojourns. As a young man would, he replied, “of course”. Ah, so ‘it’ has not been in vain 🙂 .


My contribution to the Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.

~ FlorenceT


© 2016 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


4 thoughts on “Memories of an era”

  1. What an absolutely lovely memory of time spent with your son. I could feel the cushions and smell the aroma of coffee. Loved it! ❤

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