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Romance is not love


Love is romantic.

Each person in a relationship of real love is both giver and recipient. As Lao Tzu said, to love deeply gives one courage, the courage to be and the courage to do what she desires. And the knowledge of being loved deeply gives one strength to be vulnerable. It is in this open receptive space, beauty emerges. The soul speaks and its language, these acts of romance naturally come – authentic, generous and unique. There is no prescription of how they should be – no rule of single or a dozen red roses nor Hallmark cards on Valentine’s Day.

Romance is not love, not always. A feeling of excitement and mystery does not love makes. Of itself, devoid of love, romance is merely a series of calculated acts. And some would say, a product of good advertising and commercialism.

Within love, romance manifests in everyday happenings, every day which makes up a life together. It is in the kind consideration, the gentle persuasion, the vehement support, the worrying frowns, the distracting humor…

It is in

  • the way she greets him which says ‘I miss you’
  • the way he holds her hand which says, ‘I’m here”
  • the way she smiles at him which says ‘welcome home’
  • the way he looks into her eyes which says ‘you are beautiful’
  • the way she touches his shoulder which says, ‘I see your strength’.
  • the way they say good night which confirms ‘you are mine’.

Every gesture unique to the love relationship, meaningful and true only to its giver and recipient.


This is part of Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by SilverThreading and RonovanWrites on the theme of ‘romance’.

– FlorenceT


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11 thoughts on “Romance is not love”

  1. How beautiful your thoughts are on romance, Florence. I love Lao Tzu: “To love deeply gives one courage, the courage to be and the courage to do what she desires. And the knowledge of being loved deeply gives one strength to be vulnerable…” It is that vulnerability that is so lovely. ❀

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      1. I thought I knew it when I was young. But it wasn’t deep and true. I think I am learning a more well-rounded love now and I am so enjoying the journey. I am in no hurry as I want to cherish each step of this delicious path. It cannot compare to my youthful ‘love’ at all.

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          1. Yes, hope is indeed restored. Funny thing. Hope showed up when I finally came to a point of really being OK with me. I decided I was happy with out without someone. Either way, I was going to enjoy life and be me. I wasn’t going to pine over dates anymore or be sad. And then, here comes Mr. Wonderful Blind Date Man. And I almost canceled on the date too! AAahhhh. Thank God I didn’t.

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