Gift of Randomness and Rhyme.

The cat went to the hat and spelt out scat,

but the hat spoke back and now is on the attack.

When the cat ran by with the hat flying high,

the spoon hid in the cradle so timed, so shy.

The little boy blue gave chase of the cat,

but became enthralled by the moon and instead sat.

The cat ran out of the house and through the field,

looking for something to use as a shield.

What did it do, but slid under a moo,

and that’s how we found out Elsie flew.

Now you may wonder what this is all about,

but I’m here to tell you, you need no reason ever to shout.

Pick up your pen, and put it to paper,

and perhaps what comes out will be a world shaper.

If you don’t try, you will never know,

then so many people may remain in sadness and woe.

A gift of the gab and the written word,

waits for your dreams to be heard.



Written partially to test Florence’s new theme here on Meanings and Musings.

Copyright 2016 Ronovan Hester. The author retains all rights to this work.


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