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Real people in blogosphere?!

This post is about connection and community, the one I have found here on blogosphere. It is a social experiment in hindsight, and these are my observations and purely subjective :-). But before I go there, some qualifications. I did not have any preconception of what or how a friend ought to be. I have no need for a friend to behave in a particular manner. How should friends behave to be classified as friends? Not wasting my time on this never-ending search for answer.  So when I got to blogosphere, I am perhaps a little more open to different conceptions of friends.

However it is, the friends I have in blogosphere are significant; these are the people with whom I share a common interest or two – blogging, books, writing, the search for self and self-expression… I get to see an aspect to them which they choose to share, as I with myself, and that is enough. The self is constructed at the contact point, the boundary of you and I. We are each different, somewhat, depending who we are in contact with at any moment of time. So what is the true self, I am not particularly fussed… so long as the parts we show are genuine parts 😉 Most importantly, these are people who by their very presence are living proof that I am ‘normal’. Okay, I am not that keen on being normal, however the sense of belonging and acceptance is comforting, don’t you think?

The connection I have with friends on blogosphere are measured by the familiarity of what and how we do things. It is also measured by the support – through their words which I value, and their actions.

Creating this blog was purely pragmatic – to get into a habit of writing, to hone my skills – to express myself without the formality of professional or legal or academic writing. I was tired of self-editing in my head and not producing much. Blogging was my solution. I also wanted to write about something that is meaningful to me, hence Meanings and Musings was born. For a short while I had another blog called Rambling On, which was created for me to experiment with different forms of writing, as I didn’t want to ‘taint’ Meanings and Musings. Ha, that was a beginner’s ‘idea’ which was discarded not too long after, along with the Owl profile picture. I must admit, kinda miss that owl :-). Little did I know I would find a community of like-minded people.

So a few lessons I have learned in my short time in blogosphere:

  • There are real genuine people in blogosphere.
  • At the same time, we must hone our lie-detection skills and bullshit radar. Caution is not a bad word.
  • There is always something to learn from somebody, whether they are friends or not; irrespective of whether you agree with their modus operandi or their personality or their views and opinions.
  • Every post is someone’s perspective. There is no universal truth or the correct way. Or is there? 😉
  • Kindness, humility and grace get you a long way in blogosphere (and in life). So does professionalism.
  • It takes all kinds in blogosphere (in everyday living too) – and the old adage of ‘birds of a feather’ has a ring of truth in it .

Though it may take time, explore blogosphere and find your nest, your herd, your crowd, your people… there, is your connection and belonging. And your community with a voice.

I wrote this post in response to an award for which I was nominated by Sue Vincent – the Blogger Recognition award. Thank you! Here is a link to the originator of the award – Eve Estelle.


I am required to nominate 15 blogs. I am struggling with these as some of you may know, I have been somewhat busy so I’ll *cheat*. These 5 bloggers are inspiring indeed. Check out their blogs!

Greg from Potholes in the Road of Life
Michelle from Chasing Life and Finding Dreams
Josh from My Friday Blog
Melissa, the Aran Artisan
Rowena from Beyond the Flow

– FlorenceT


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22 thoughts on “Real people in blogosphere?!”

  1. I am honored to be mentioned! Thank you so much:) I agree with you on the blog world being so wonderful. I wish I had started this sooner, I really do. Everyone as been so helpful with advice, support and even critiques on writing and photography. It is challenge at times to balance my blogging with real-life demands. And, when I started blogging I debated about how “real” I wanted to be and how much I wanted to share. I am a horrible liar though, so keeping up with a blog identity was too much to handle. So just being me was the easiest choice for my blog especially since I forget details of my own real life. Trying to remember an online persona would require too much work, lol.

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      1. Amen! As my daughter once said to a friend, you go be you and I will go be me. LOL, she cracks me up but spoke wise words for a girl. I only wish I had that confidence at her age….

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          1. It took her some time to come into confidence, but once she hit college, she’s a force to say the least. But she has always been a spitfire. At one, she held up her hand (like as in the talk to the hand style) and shook her head and mumbled her baby talk at me. Guess she didn’t want anymore food and was not afraid to tell me. It was classic attitude and do her!

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  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, Florence. I humbly accept. I have a few awards I need to follow up on so I’ll have to get moving.
    I agree with what you’ve shared about finding acceptance in the blogging world. So many of my protective outer layers fall off when I get on my blog. It is almost like a utopian world where I can be myself without being judged, criticised or rejected. Well, I could well be rejected but I just don’t find out about it.
    xx Rowena

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  3. Thanks Florence! I met a couple blogger friends in real life this year and am happy to report they were as lovely in person and as genuine as could be. No doubt though, it always pays to go with the gut regarding how ‘close’ to become with a fellow blogger.

    This is a really nice idea and I’m honestly surprised to be mentioned which makes it extra special. Thank you again so much!! Time to get my thinking cap on…who will I nominate?! Oh ya, it could be a week or two, as I am a slow pokey blogger! I like to blame my adorable children and will most certainly curse the day when they no longer enter the revolving office door for hugs, with questions and needs that only Mama can attend to. Melissa Xx

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    1. Well Melissa, with two older kids, I certainly know how that feels especially to see them test their wings… And I took months to finally post this… so there is no pressure whatsoever. 🙂


  4. Congratulations on the award, Florence.

    I think having and belonging to a blogging community is one of the most important parts of blogging. If we don’t comment on posts, or respond to comments then we become rather isolated and I’ve seen a few blogs abandoned because of that. The again, it can also become rather overwhelming and we have to take a step back, take a deep breath and decide on an action plan.

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet, in person, a few bloggers on here. I’ve even gone on to become good friends with some of them (and even with some of those I’ve never met). I’ve always been amazed by the support and advice we all offer each other especially when it comes to personal matters that some open up to.

    It’s almost a perfect world here in Blog land, but I also take a look over my shoulder from time to time.

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    1. Ah, Hugh…wise words.
      And what action plan? So far, I’ve been doing what I can, when I want and when I need to. 🙂
      It’ll be interesting to see the responses of my non-online friends to your view of ‘almost perfect world’ of blogosphere… I suspect they would disagree, but we in here know you are right! 😉

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      1. Well, I’ve written a number of articles about coping with the demands of blogging. In fact, all are my top most viewed and most commented on posts. Much of what I have learned has been from more experienced bloggers (like Ronovan), but I have given my own views on the subject as well.

        Yes, not everyone would agree with us about the blogosphere being perfect, but my view on that is that unless you have tried it then you you can’t compare it 🙂

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  5. I’m honored and a humbled to be included in your list, Florence. I consider you a friend, too, and am glad we have met here in the blogosphere.

    Your second bullet-point literally made me chuckle out loud, something I sorely needed today!


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  6. A lovely post, Florence, and I agree with what you say here..especially the bit about feeling ‘normal’ as, if nothing else, the blogosphere shows quite clearly that regardless of our differences, we are all ‘normal’ in our own unique way 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sue. Uniquely normal or is that normally unique? 😉 Blogosphere has certainly reinforced the reality that no matter our differences, we all experience love and loss, joy and pain… no one is exempt.


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