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My little star – Hugh’s Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge.

Things will be different this Christmas, and my intention is to not judge how it unfolds nor what it will be.

Yet much will be the same, like this star on our tree.


We took turns placing the star on our Christmas tree each year.  My little star, who is no longer little, is finally tall enough to do this without assistance. And I am officially the shortest in our family, for that I have to ‘thank’ my genes! 🙂

This Christmas is a time to reflect on the year past and to be grateful for the ease of transitions, for the lessons in strength and courage, for the acceptance of pain and hurt, for the discovery of gifts, for the wonder of emerging talents, for persisting wellbeing. Most importantly, gratitude for grace in being.

What will remain as they have always been, unchanging this Christmas, is the spirit of family, of togetherness and the bonds of love, sometimes unspoken but always felt.

This post is an entry to Hugh’s charity Christmas tree topper photo challenge on Hugh’s Views and News. This year Hugh has elected to give to the Dog’s Trust – a worthy cause indeed. So if you wish to participate and cheer Hugh on, click on the link above for information.

– FlorenceT


© 2015 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


3 thoughts on “My little star – Hugh’s Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge.”

  1. Hi Florence. What a wonderful Christmas tree and what a wonderful post you have written.

    Thank you so much for participating in my Christmas Tree Topper Charity challenge in aid of The Dogs Trust charity. By participating you have helped us get nearer our target and will have given a homeless dog a meal. Thank you.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
    Seasons Greetings,
    Hugh 🎅

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