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Dare to fly

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge prompt words – grief and  pine – hit a spot this week. So first, my haiku.


Sorrow like a storm
Cleansed the debris of this farce
No longer pining.

At the same time, thinking of Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday – to be by a poet this week – brought this contribution.

ErinHanson2e.h. is Erin Hanson, a talented 20 year-old Australian poet. Her work shows a depth of maturity and a rhythm that appeals to me. So here is one of her poems. Hope you enjoy!

ErinHanson1Incredible poem, isn’t it? You can find e.h. on The Poetic Underground on Tumblr, or Pinterest, or Instagram. Check her out!

Sometimes we spend so  much time focusing on what we have lost and the fear of losing that we fail to just stop, step back and consider the big picture. Beyond the usual ‘advice’ to be grateful instead, for me loss is just is. The judgment we place on ‘loss’ as being good or bad gets in the way of our truly seeing – that certain things are meant to be lost so we can find, that the loss in fact enhances what we have, that the loss may indeed free us, that the experience of loss is growth…

Within every experience of loss, there is a gain.  Let this gain be worthy of the beauty that is you.

– FlorenceT

© 2015 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


15 thoughts on “Dare to fly”

    1. Meredith, it is never easy… 🙂 There are always decisions to make and things to do… when I answer to my soul call and my spirit is willing and focused on it… it makes the journey meaningful. This then makes ‘it’ okay… 🙂

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  1. I agree with Elusive Trope. When it’s time to stop playing blind and seeing what isn’t there and what is almost gone, it is time to let go from all sides. It may be painful but if it is gone already, the mourning may be less lingering when it is over completely. Leaving isn’t always the wrong thing to do. Or ending a relationship that holds no meaning. What is the point?

    Also, loved the e.h, poem. Brilliant. jk

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  2. Wonderful haiku. “debris of this farce” is so poignant, including the way it softly flows into the punch with “farce.” This is even more so given the subject, the inability to see the trees for the forest in a dysfunction relationship. Just as poignant is the expression captured so well that sometimes it is those emotions we try to repress or push away which will allow us to see what we caught in for what it is. Also thanks for heads up on Erin Hanson.

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