Running with the wolves #BeWow

Nature is miraculous. It is wild and ruthless one day, yet calm and peaceful the next. It is highly selective yet sustains itself. It beats a rhythm I often missed, in the bustle of everyday living – a rhythm of an instinctual life.

I once read a book about women running with wolves…and since then, it’s been whispering in my head…there is a call of nature to wildness, its trueness getting louder and louder. And this ancient voice resisted, fought, rebelled against the lures of the world, the impositions of culture and traditions, the seduction of politics and positions, the gratification of secular idols. Until change becomes inevitable as I am compelled to respond to a calling for re-connection to my being, my authentic self, my core self… however you choose to name it.

Are we aware of what we are – spirit beings, uniquely whole and perfect? Do we connect with the essence of what we are?

For me, it is through the contemplation of writing, through the silence and solitude as I listen to the language of my body telling me to retreat, to push through, to slow… and as I sift through the delusions of my mind and the reactivity of my emotions. As I find myself, I find the world.

What do you do to connect with the essence of you? Whatever it may be, go there…often. Until you are.

Go row the boat to safer grounds
But don’t you know we’re stronger now
My heart still beats and my skin still feels
My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears

But we’re running out of time
Oh, the echoes in my mind cry

There’s blood on your lies
The sky’s open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter’s moon is shining

I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves
I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves

Trick or treat, what would it be?
I walk alone, I’m everything
My ears can hear and my mouth can speak
My spirit talks, I know my soul believes

– FlorenceT

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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