Moment of truth

Canova 'Psyche revived by Cupid's kiss'

In that moment of truth
I faltered, lost for words
Rare for someone who uses words
To persuade and entice;
I am certain I said plenty
But none that was in my heart
Love, joy, a coming home
That I could not express.

But this moment was extraordinary
You owned every word
You graciously gave
As you boldly took with such gentleness;
Surrendering to the moment
You swept me away
By the simplicity, the honesty
Of your precious gift.

How rare have I
In my not so short life
To be confronted
With such selfless generosity;
My soul honours yours
With gratitude and love
Yet it seems insignificant
This humble acceptance.

You have touched me
With a heart so full
With a heart so brave
The beauty of an uncontrolled mind;
How my heart beats
With a desire to respond
How my very being yearns
Yet I am still.

I will not taint this gift
With words if they be false
With actions lest they are true
I have been here and was deeply hurt;
So I am holding your precious gift
Wrapped in my love
Guarding it as it protects me
As it nourishes me.

But know this, my heart
For us, I will be the sane one
So I accept with the sincerity
By which it is given;
For us, I will take care
With your heart and gift
And know this, beautiful
You are loved.

To see love and honesty in flight
I am forever changed.

– FlorenceT

© Copyright reserved 2014. The author asserts her moral and legal rights to this work.



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