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Who you are

This is my second post in the Three Day Quote Challenge (for which I was nominated by Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life).



So, do you agree with this quote attributed to the author of ‘The Little Prince’?

Not the Truth, yet there is a truth to this quote or so I believe.   Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together… yes,opposites attract though I think this only applies to romance? 🙂

The thing is, in the past I have privileged and placed great value in the evidence and proof of science. Yet lately, the ‘sayings’ of women and men who have lived life; who have endured hardships, pain and sorrow; who have reveled in the highs of love, passion, adventures, who have looked deep within themselves…are holding sway.  For their souls are written the experiences of life. We may not adopt them nor agree with them, but we cannot deny their truths to others. And unlike science, life is not always ‘rational’ or ‘provable’, is it?

This quote is a guide for me… in navigating interactions and relationships. A person’s friends tell you so much of that person. How many low functioning people does a high functioning person has in his life? How many drinking ‘buddies’ does a teetotaler have in her inner circle? How many destructive or violent persons does a peace-loving person have in his life?

Here is a quote/poem which speaks of life, of being a success in life. I know many in this blog community who are, by the definition below, successful 🙂

Be inspired!

aqua flower


– FlorenceT


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8 thoughts on “Who you are”

  1. what about someone who has only very few someones. Can you now make an assumption based on two or three people? What about someone who is not admired or loved by anyone?

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    1. Well, it is the quality of friendships and of course who the friends are, not quantity. I have few friends which makes me, if anyone has to guess, an introvert and generally reserved. One’s identity is forged in the interactions one has with one’s world. Again, a truth but not ‘The Truth’. ☺

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  2. I think like attracts like in many ways. Romance included, or at least in many deep level love romance lives. The shared experiences and thoughts bring about an understanding that the two don’t have to learn, they know. When you know, and have experienced, you can “get” a person. That goes a long way, even if things are bad for a short time, the “getting” of a person helps in the long run.

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    1. Ah, soul mates and the age-old knowing. And should one be fortunate to experience romantic love with a soul mate… 🙂
      Come to thinking of this, a person’s life partner also tells you about her/him.


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