Two challenges @RonovanWrites and @greg_wolford

I am tackling two challenges in this post – Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #52 and Greg’s nomination to undertake the Three Day Quote Challenge.

Thanks, Greg (from Pothole in the Road of Life) for the nomination.  Being a quote nerd, I’m going to have fun!

And Ronovan (of RonovanWrites), 52 weeks running the haiku challenge, now that’s tenacity! Thank you for growing this community.

Briefly, here’s how the challenges work:

Ronovan has provided 2 prompt words this week – silent and loud – to be included in a haiku, either the words themselves, their derivatives or synonyms. To find out how to write a haiku and participate, click here.

The Three Day Quote challenge requires me to share my favourite quotes in three consecutive posts.


 First, the haiku:


Hush now, my darling
Your world’s at peace, beauty lasts
No more roaring doubts.

I feel as if the prompt words were chosen for me, or perhaps it is synchronicity. My focus has been on ‘silence’ quite a lot these past weeks. For me, to learn the lessons of finding meaning in what was unsaid, finding beauty in the in-between spaces, finding grace and strength being silent…because I choose to reflect my growth, to keep growing.  I choose freedom.

And so here is one of my favourite quotes:

brain cell

I envision the ‘space’ as a pause, a vacuum – the silent still place of ‘I am’. Only when I am ready will I respond. Therein lay the power I have reclaimed.

I wish for you space to contemplate this quote.

– FlorenceT


First image ‘Poppy Field’ by ale2xan2dra

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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