Blogging for Therapy Will Bring Success. by Guest @RonovanWrites

Communication. A great word with different meanings. One meaning I use in blog language is relaying of my thoughts to the page and to the reader. I communicate my meaning. In most cases there my responsibility, if I ever had one, ends. It’s a blog. I share my thoughts. That’s what a blog is. It’s not a business.

For a blogger, communicating their meaning is probably the most important thing they can do, and do it with honesty. You may even relay a message that people completely disagree with, but if you do so with honest feelings and intent and in a manner that is intelligent and respectful you will find very few people will cause problems. They will disagree, but you will end up with some very well thought out responses influenced by the tone, you the blogger, set in the article.

I have had great conversations with some of my Readers, and at other times I may simply click like on their comment, or even not do anything at all. Why?

  • If you know me, then you know I at times don’t have the mental or physical energy to do much more than read on a screen.(Imagine what all Florence does and still blogs. Insanity.)
  • Then at other times I simply have nothing to say. This can mean there is no reason to comment or I am influenced by my first reason. (Florence can be as brain tired as I if not more so, and she doesn’t have my health problems.)
  • Or perhaps I get bad vibes off of a comment. (Imagine the vibes a lawyer/therapist picks up on. Yes, Florence scares me at times. But I make her laugh and distract her.)
  • Or I sense a lack genuine intent in the comment. (Again, Florence knows when someone is blowing smoke.)

Do I lose readers this way? Perhaps. My goal has never been to get readers. If you are a blogger and that is your goal, rethink your goal. Those who attempt to write to attract a large following are quickly found out.

I enjoy sharing whatever comes to my mind in my blog. I do it to get it out of my head and clear space for more thoughts. I then move on to the next creation, the next thought. I never expected very many people to read what I wrote or follow my blog. I have been blessed.

A blog is a personal space. If it is something honest it becomes a living, breathing entity people can identify with. People reach out and want to connect with that entity somehow because something in that article spoke to them, thus they wish to speak back.

I’ve noticed in recent weeks Florence laying herself bare for the world to see and connect with. A dangerous thing at times. I partly blame myself as I have encouraged her in her writing to let more of herself come out naturally as opposed to the professional intellectual speak. She has a wonderful way with words and a large vocabulary. It is interesting to see how she puts it all together. Her word art has begun to take on her true character, not the one the world expects and projects on her.

I’ve given a lot of thought about blog psychology. One topic is the difference between male and female blogs. There should be no difference in what can be shared, but of course we see quite often the walls raise and blogs stop just short of the big reveals. Defenses are a good thing.

Florence is quite good at it. She lays it all out there but does so in such a way that one identifies with and puts the situation upon their own lives without contemplating what it means to her life. A sign of a good writer as well as a trained therapist.

Although I encouraged her to lay herself bare I still encourage caution, as I would with any female blogger. In today’s world, or even yesterday’s world, too much of a good thing is a bad thing at times. One can attract attention in ways unforeseen and even unrecognized by the one who is attracted to the writing and life of Florence or any other blogger. I’ve gone through it on a number of occasions myself.

Why do we blog? Maybe the better question is what are the factors that have no bearing on our blogging.

  • Getting famous.
  • Make BFFs
  • Find a relationship partner.
  • Dwell on what we’ve shared.
  • Be responsible for the thoughts of those reading our blogs.

Those last two are most important. I write, Florence writes, to get thoughts out of our system and move on to the next thought to deal with. We don’t go back. if people read our blogs then we are honored. If they comment, we are grateful they connected with something we wrote. We succeeded in truly conveying something meaningful.

As I mentioned before, I don’t always respond to my Readers for various and obvious reasons to those Readers that have taken the time to know me. They know I read their comments. They can see it in some of my writing that I have taken to heart what they have said and then included or written specifically about something they wanted to know.

Some ‘experts’, me supposedly being one, on blogging say to respond to every comment. As time has passed I have realized what a blog really is, what it needs to be in my life, and what we should do.

We should do what makes us feel comfortable and happy with ourselves and keeps us blogging, or blogging for therapy, as I call it. That’s the real reason we are all here. We are blogging for therapy. We needed a way to get things out of us. Connections or not are secondary, if even that.

Love my blog. Love Florence’s blog. Communicate your thoughts. Know they are read. Know they are taken to heart. But always realize, our main goal is to get these deep things off our hearts in order for us to have better lives, souls, spirits, and hearts.

For me, Florence sharing her heart with us is a wonderful thing. She has given of herself so much. She is having a great impact on many people. And I know she loves those loving people who share with her in positive ways, just as I do. And I know she also is disappointed to receive those messages that are petty and self serving in ways, as I have written about on my own blog.

I hope you enjoyed my article. I may be around more often, perhaps even with my own byline/name here rather than as guest author under Florence’s name, as I begin to work on various forms of writing and Florence and I work on a project together. Yes, Florence and I are writing partners. Crazy but true. Two college educated, educators, professionals, who live half a world apart but share some common things, like brainy kids who we both think are the greatest kids ever. Yes, we argue about that. We compromise by saying she has the greatest daughter of a certain age and my son is the greatest son of that same age.

One last thing; if you blog honestly, if you blog with the intent to relay truth, you will be a success in blogging.

That’s it for this one. Catch you next time.

Much Respect


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1 thought on “Blogging for Therapy Will Bring Success. by Guest @RonovanWrites”

  1. I agree so much with what you have said and yes we are all very different in why we blog.

    For me the first year was all about gaining followers. Since I passed that milestone it’s now all about great content and I hardly ever check my follower stats because I’m very pleased even if just one person reads what I have written because I always enjoy writing what I have published.

    My only disagreement (and where we differ) is that I answer and respond to all comments. I think it only polite I do that and if I have nothing to say then I will like the comment left. I really enjoy engagement with anybody who takes the time to leave a comment on one of my posts and have built up a great blogging community by doing so.

    Of course there are some comments I don’t respond to and will move them to the trash bin, and you know which ones those are because we’ve often joked about it. Here’s the hint πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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