Love you like I’m gonna lose you



A love song, most definitely tinged with sadness. Does this song embody to ‘live in the moment’? Somehow it doesn’t feel like it…

It seems to reflect the malady of the ‘modern’ age – the transient nature of ‘love’? On one hand, the longing to experience the ideal romantic love – the subject of literature and music since time immemorial; on the other hand, our cynicism of whether ‘love’ will last thus the self-protective gesture of ‘I’ll take what I can get, for now’.

Have we the courage to live for the moment? Have we the courage to hold out for a love that is true?

Is your attachment to the past a source of pain and sorrow? Is your attachment to a dreamed-of future a source of discontent and unhappiness?

Food for thought for the weekend… Oh, too serious? 🙂 Well then just enjoy the music!

– FlorenceT

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


7 thoughts on “Love you like I’m gonna lose you

  1. Treva

    for me this song makes me think of a person who wants loved and has givin someone all the love that she had to give and they left her lonely , broken hearted .
    All she has is a dream of what real love would feel like if only for one night

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  2. Anonymous

    The only thing that came to mind while hearing this song was the loved ones who have passed away. A message to hold on to the ones in your life because you never know when its over.

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  3. Actually recently this has been making me think of a frirnd of mine (who is much younger than me) who told me that she had recently thought of commiting suicide.. Some times all uou can do is hold the people you love (friend love, parental love, partner love…) and let them know that yoy are there for them and that yoy love them.

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  4. I ponder on your above post.
    If I had not come across your blog.
    Then came the answer ‘I am going to lose You’.
    That’s Awesome!
    Bringing Meanings to life’s stories.
    Salutations to YOU!.


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