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Halfway there – an update

It’s the halfway point for Mindful in May. May which seasonally is autumn here in Australia.

I have meditated daily for 2 weeks now – honoring a commitment I made. Well, a good cause motivates. Also having told the world about it, well, this lady’s got pride! 🙂 So far so good, and loving it.

“Just 20 minutes a day. That’s all the time it took for Harvard researchers to see measurable changes in the brain that would help us become more focused, creative, and productive, not to mention less anxious.

What do you do with this time? Meditate.”

Week 1 of Mindful in May is on body scan meditation and Week 2 on breath meditation. Click on the links if you wish try these meditations.

The deliberate act of stilling my mind to welcome the day has been enlightening.  It allows my mind to stay present amidst the relative chaos.  There is a certain sense of being ready for my day, a contemplation of how I am in the present which manages to inform the rest of my day. I am not sure if I am painting the picture well enough :-). The ‘luxury’ of emptying my mind of cares and worries at the end of the day has helped my sleep. To cease worrying about what was – to measure and judge what I could or would have done better for example – and to refrain from looking to tomorrow, filling my mind with the chores and planning… instead by being present in a quiet mind, my sub-conscious speaks and I hear. There is attention and love and power. That is the ground upon which I stand.

As you may notice, I have yet to commit to a specific time for meditation.  I do it when I can, either morning or night.

The discipline of meditating at a specific time of day enhances the experience.  A new routine becomes a habit which the mind embraces. Over time, this becomes the ‘default’ switch.  I can live with that…so between you and I, an intention for the remainder of  Mindful in May (and I hope beyond it) – to meditate twice a day, morning and night.

See my post, A Mindful Journey, about what Mindful in May is 🙂

– FlorenceT


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4 thoughts on “Halfway there – an update”

  1. I haven’t done much meditation, but I am intrigued with it. There are times when I am running around so hectic I can think. I can see how stopping and silencing the craziness could be go. Just stopping to hear your thoughts, a breeze and silence. I will have to check out your links.


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