“Piece by Piece”

Thank you, Eyewillnotcry, for having me on your blog once again. 🙂

Eye Will Not Cry

Please welcome back Florence for a long overdue return Guest Poet slot!

You can read more of Florence’s work here: www.meaningsandmusings.wordpress.com

If you want to be featured in a guest poet slot – just drop me your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




This charade

On the verge of tears
Tears need be shed
There is no explanation
For this urge to cry;

Feelings of gratitude
Suffused with anger
From whence I do not know
Directed at one;

Deserving perhaps not
Working at grace
Struggling to delight
In mirth and food.

Sparring of words
As loving attention
Mocking irreverence
As wit and humor;

This cannot be borne
The need to brace
Constant self-protection
Against something I do not care;

Feeling sorry for a self
That bears no expression
Beyond a face of amiability
A face of solidarity.

Weary of pretense
To want to be here
Tired of trying
To make something…

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