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Down memory lane…

A walk down memory lane… wow, I had forgotten how gorgeous he is!

Let me begin in the mid-80s. Oops, showing my age. I was a teenager, born and bred South East Asian and exposed to British and America pop music culture. Even then, I had a fascination with rock, soul and jazz and as I recall, a growing interest in musical theatre. My idea of ‘Western’ life is taken from predominantly American movies and television series, and Hollywood at that. Rather skewed, I know. 🙂 And I digress.

Anyhow, amidst the ‘hunks’ of ‘the West’, I ‘fell in love’ with a singer from Taiwan called Fei Xiang. Now Fei Xiang is born of an American father and a Taiwanese mother. He chose to establish his singing career in Asia, lucky me! What’s so attractive about Fei Xiang? His looks first and foremost. Yes, I was a shallow hormone-riddled teenage girl!

And who could blame me? Look! FeiXiang 1

Here is a 6’ 3” man (not many Asian man of that height, by the way) who looks Chinese but blue-eyed,chiseled angular face. Yes, I have a thing for tall men. And his physique, yum. So he’s not ‘tall, dark and handsome’ but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right? 🙂

And he sang ballads, Chinese love ballads. So he crooned and I swooned!

Fei Xiang (real name is Kris Phillips) is now 54 years old and still looking hot (well, I think so but my children disagree). There is a reason for him being called “the sexiest Chinese man” by the New Yorker.  Oh, he IS a New Yorker.

Decide for yourself.

Fei Xiang 2FeiXiang 4Beyond his incredible singing career in Asia, Fei Xiang was also a star on stage – starring in many of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals all over the world.  A private man, his distinct voice, intelligence and humility have sustained him in a career that has spanned more than 30 years.

I’m rambling I know but it’s been awhile since I even thought of Fei Xiang until today, when a fluke landed me on a youtube clip of his performance with Elaine Page.

Here it is, hope you enjoy!

– FlorenceT

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9 thoughts on “Down memory lane…”

  1. I actually find myself distinctly attracted to people with asian-type faces, it’s gotten a bit out of control. I want to learn Mandarin and become a famous democracy-revolutionary poet in China, and be reborn in the ruling elite of Taiwan in my next life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, you dream big… good thing that! 🙂 If not this life, then the next! And yes, I did notice the images accompanying your poetry. Everything in moderation LOL.


      1. But Florence, there’s no time for moderation. We have to plan for a world where Asia will rise to her ascendency and take over the world. Oh, did you notice my crush on a Korean American poet then? Ej Koh, indeed.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes the discovery of culture and the shifting fusion of hybrids, immigrants, and the cultural narratives we live in is fascinating to me. I think as you know so well, art is an education in life and perhaps in that spirit of life-long learning that I surrender to this strong curiosity and passion.


            1. Interestingly, I think of my incessant curiosity as the way to attain ‘cognitive ecstasy’. I find the discovery, study, observation and reflection of social meanings absolutely fascinating. Well, I’m an introvert! What else was I to do 🙂


            2. I like your theory of cognitive ecstasy, I’ve realized my love of words stems from the Joseph Campbell quote to “follow your bliss” that was so ingrained in my Mother’s philosophy (she was also an educator). What Myers-Briggs tendency do you fall under?


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