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You may choose to #BeWow

I had wondered if I could write a post remotely close to being positive today. Oh and why a positive post?  Well, because that’s part of the #BeWow blogshare over at RonovanWrites.  I ‘signed up’ last week because it is such a great way to share some positive energy and love.

But today has been an odd day – I had to attend a medical check, there was a bit of work to do which I only ended up finishing after dinner due to incessant interruptions, and I got nothing else done.

So positivity, huh? Not really.

Then this came to me, the ‘mantra’ which I had paid little attention to in recent times.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.  Viktor Frankl

Boy, did I choose my response! It was a whinge, a gripe and a general discontent… for failure to complete as much work as I had planned?!

We can choose a different responseWe are never bound by our choices. We can always make another one; and our future need not be determined by a singular decision.

Choosing positivity

So at the close of today, I am choosing different – to see the day for what it was:

  • I went for a medical check, and fortunately it was merely a routine check.  In fact what happened during the medical test was rather funny…in the re-telling :-).
  • I had a bit of work to do.  I did the best I could.  They are not urgent much as I’d like them done. So they will be there tomorrow for my further attention.
  • I was interrupted constantly.  So what, and thank goodness! I got to spend time with family, to interact with them on this festive season (today is the 14th day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar year – so it has been buzzy in my home :-))  Hey, I even got to spend a little time with my beloved.
  • Working after dinner was not ideal, but idealism is just that.  It was what it was.  Just going with the flow…
  • I got nothing else done.. which is not quite true. I had enough done with work, and more… about family, my pleasures in reading and writing.

But the day is nearly over, what good will these do for me? 

Well, HERE is the interesting thing – in reflecting and telling a different story, we are recreating that story, choosing to be positive. Try it, it feels different! When tomorrow comes, we will have a different memory of what is. We will move towards a future that is different.

So the next time we choose a less than contented outlook, consider this:

  1. Am I judging myself by the plans and expectations I alone had placed upon me? Or the expectations others have placed on me? Will I let this happen?
  2. What would you have missed if your day had been otherwise? If not today, then when?
  3. What choices will I make today about the way I perceive my day?
  4. Will I be kind to myself? And to others around me?

So my reality is I have had a day that I needed to have – the universe has provided and I see that now – some beautiful distractions and generally relaxing day after a busy one the day prior.

It is as it should be.


– FlorenceT


© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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