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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Solitude

Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday 

Solitude & I

Guided by Silver Threading’s quote about the self of a writer, this one by Rainer Maria Rilke (an Austrian poet and novelist) caught my eye… and my heart and soul.

Solitude, something which I need and long for.  Without it, I suffocate.  I need my escape to a world of silence and being alone – where I let my mind wander, where my so-called inattention is not brought to my attention, where I play whimsy, where my imagination takes hold.

Solitude sustains me.

And so it is that I took this photograph (yes, that’s my shadow :-)) during one of my long walks on the beach during a recent family holiday.  Waking up early while the house is quiet, I tiptoed out the front door and headed to the beach.  Feeling the cold wet sand as I took brisk steps along the long stretch of sand, what bliss! Wandering barefooted into the surf, letting the sea water gently caressed as it came to shore.  I had a small window of opportunity – an hour before families headed down to the beach and the squeals and laughter of children were heard. Some yoga and meditation did not go astray.

So, solitude – my dearest friend. Do not stay away too long 🙂

– FlorenceT

© 2015 Photography by FlorenceT.  Copyright reserved.

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Solitude”

  1. Florence I loved this quote and your perfect photo to go with it! I am a solitude person also. I crave and need it in order to properly function. Thank you for the lovely description of your beach. I am just now learning meditation. I keep trying yoga, but have not been successful yet. ❤

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