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I referred to intentions in my last post about change.

Well my intentions are simple.  I intend to pay greater attention to and be more aware of the changes happening in my life. To elaborate, to appreciate their essence and the implications they have for my life.

This is not wishful intention, for I have experienced the magic of paying attention.  I am a perfectionist, well less so than before, which manifests herself in the energy paid to the minutiae and details in many aspects of my life.  The assumption is if I constantly watch them, then I can recognize any negatives and deal with them before worse occurs.  What had in fact occurred, as any fear-based actions are likely to do, was me, being worrisome, tense and lacking in humour. 

cannot change

What I failed to realize was that paying attention to the negatives only reinforced the negatives.  And a negative mindset ultimately dwells in one who is discontent, anxious and always questioning. 

Active attention brings change. My energy is better spent on enriching, uplifting and positive matters than worrying about ‘what ifs’ or ‘if onlys’.

My once resentful discontent self chose instead to begin paying attention to herself, to exercise loving attention on me.  Change can only begin with me, at least the change I want to see in my life.

self love

The magic of paying attention brought me here…to the sacred space where I can stand at the centre of attention; to a mindful place where judgment is not welcomed; to love myself ‘warts and all’ :-); to embracing my desires and passions;…to my writing and blogs.

change socrates

Where are you focusing your energy?

– FlorenceT


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3 thoughts on “Intentions”

  1. This is such a lovely post, Florence, and so true in what you say.

    For much of my life I concentrated on the negative things that were happening in my life and wondered why I was always angry and feeling not wanted. Then, one day, I read an article about generating all my thoughts to the positive things about me and my life and, overnight, I changed from within. I’ll always try and help negative people but there is only so much you can do before allowing them to try and bring you down as well.

    I still remember the date I made that change as well – July 7th 1986.


    1. It must have been significant for you to remember the date so well. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is true. All life is merely experience, we learn 🙂
      We can only be who we are and be with/for others with compasion and kindness. The rest is up to them. Don’t you think?

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