Beauty, Passion, Poetry

Together All Ways

Wow, just feel it..


I logged in to write something, anything. Then I got upset and was going to rant, but then I remembered that this is The Year Of Renewal. So, pardon my language a moment, screw the upset. Listened to a song right after writing that bit of paragraph and a lyric poem came to mind. No, nothing to do with that first part. Just to show you a moment does have to color your entire day. Well that and I was just feeling it.


I know that, I’m growing old
But my heart, feels eighteen
Your love is, growing cold
No that’s not, what I mean

Words come out wrong, but I say them anyway
The pain is so strong, it gets worse every day

I can’t tell you
I want to be with you in every breath of every day,
I want to be with you in every…

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