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Christmas carols


Christmas in Australia sand

For some reason this year I have a hankering for Christmas carols.  Perhaps they are reminiscent of the Christmas of my childhood – being in a carol party and the sense of belonging and community, the shared experiences as a family at Christmas time, the carefree and bountious occasion… Perhaps I am reminded this year more so than before the meaning of Christmas…

To be frank, I almost always spend time with the kids watching a carols concert on Christmas Eve.  This year will be no different… I hope. 🙂

So here’s to share my favourite carols which never cease to cause me to sing along… Scary thought, right 🙂 ?


O Holy Night, originally a French song written in late 1840s and later translated to English American writer, John Sullivan Wright in the late 1860s.


Little Drummer Boy, written by Katherine Davis in 1941 based on a Czech carol.


When a child is born, which melody was written in 1972 by Italian composer, Cirro Dammicco, and the English lyrics a few years later by Fred Jay.


For you who celebrate Christmas, take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas – the message of love, hope and grace.

I wish for all of you delightful company, scrumptious foods and hearty laughter during the holidays and the year ahead.  May you experience love, hope and grace!

And by the way:

Christmas in Australia

See you in 2015!

– FlorenceT


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