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State of grace

Devon sunrise

As I prepare to celebrate Christmas at my home, I am much aware that I am one of the fortunate ones… I have a roof over my head, friends and family around me, food at my table, clothes on my back and in my wardrobe, gifts under the Christmas tree.  I have more than I need.

While it is not guilt of Having that besieges me, it is perhaps a regret of the Un-grace I exhibit at times.  The ungracious ignorance of the beauty of the life I have, the ungracious complaint of annoying family and ‘crazy’ friends, the ungracious lack of recognition of effort into preparing the Christmas meal; the list goes on.

Too hard on myself?  Maybe, maybe not.

Yet, it is by grace that my attention is drawn to this state called ‘grace’, being given the opportunity to ponder on this often elusive state.  I was unaware this sat so firmly in my mind until I began to write this post.  And it is not my intention to berate myself, for I know one does not ‘earn’ grace, one lives grace.  It is not a state of whether one is deserving or not, but to receive with a glad heart all that life presents to us. Grace is like the spiritual ‘positive thinking’, the difference being that it is felt with an open heart, not deciphered in the mind.

I had intended when I began this post to write about being worthy.  And here I am with a post about grace – the central tenet being that whether I am worthy of receiving or not is unimportant.  Coincidence?  A friend would tell me he doesn’t believe in coincidence.  Perhaps, I shall call it synchronicity.  Whatever it may be, I accept it and am sharing it with you.

Here’s a song which struck a chord with me, which I first ‘discovered’ less than two weeks ago.  Another synchronicity?  I hope you are inspired by it…


And so let us receive graciously; and be mindful of those for whom this time of year may not be a joyous one, for one reason or another.

With Love,
– FlorenceT


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