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I will stand by you

Is there Someone who stands by you? Who accepts you regardless? Who loves you nonetheless? Who seeks to lift you no matter what? Who holds your hand and walks beside you through the trials and tribulations of life?


The hurt in your eyes will never disguise
The spark that lived there before
And I know that you’re so much more
Than you’re showin’

If black is your brightest colour
If hurt is your only lover
When you fight, we fight together
I’ll stand by, I will stand by you

Try to embrace the lines on your face
The story of who you are
‘Cause I love what I’ve read so far
I mean it, I mean it

What amazing sentiments…

Are you that Someone for another?

What does it take to be that Someone?  Well, here’s my list to start… 

  • To listen with heart,
  • To reach out with empathy,
  • To take respectful actions,
  • To avail moral support,
  • To be an unyielding presence,
  • To support with a non-critical or non-judgmental attitude,
  • To channel a sense of humor for good cheer, and
  • Most importantly, to afford love for the travellers walking beside you in life’s journey…

Wishing you honest supportive friendships,
– FlorenceT


© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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