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The Owl is no more…

Yes, I’ve been ‘outed’.  To be honest, Ronovan had my ‘permission’ to do so… nothing sinister there.  Don’t know what I mean?  Go to RonovanWrites’ article.


Six months ago when I began blogging, I was adamant that in blogosphere, only my words need matter.  I am still of that mind insofar as my writing is concerned, if I cannot communicate through my words then nothing else really matter…here anyway.

Yet the very definition of ‘blogosphere’ suggests the existence within blogs of a connected community or a collection of connected communities. This I have found to be true, as I venture into the realms of writers, publishers and agents; musicians, philosophers, Christian ministry etc. And over the short time, I find myself in a community of people, mostly beautiful, supportive and genuine.

So it is time that I ‘reclaim’ who I am… to emerge from the image of this creature:

Query Owlto:

FlorenceTWow, good to be human again 🙂 !

To be frank, I miss the anonymity and mystery of the Owl, and its symbolism.  In some cultures, the owl is the seer of souls and being a nocturnal creature, symbolic of dreams and shadowsIn Scottish-Gaelic tradition, the owl is often associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess.  Well, the Chinese couldn’t make up their minds whether to fear the owl – a harbinger of death – or to elevate it to the role of protector, and symbolic of secrets, wisdom and intelligence.  I lean towards the latter.  Now do you wonder why I chose the Owl?

Certainly it now feels like I am owning my blog…at last.  I post here my thoughts on ‘the meaning of life’ from a somewhat post-modern existential stance, interested in the power of narrative and language in shaping lives, and spirituality.

For the sake of frank disclosure, I also post in Rambling On, in a less ‘serious’ manner, to have a bit of fun and play. I first created Rambling On for the purpose of Blogging University and to get into a habit of writing.  It is my place of so-called ‘nik-naks’.  Add to this, I recently joined a team of creatives on LitWorldInterviews, probably writing in a way that I know or do best :-).

I write a lot in my professions (yep, plural), and so these are the spaces I explore writing.  And I am loving it!  Can’t you tell?  So much so I allow myself to be outed :-).

I wonder what the future holds… And the Owl is still here…

– FlorenceT


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