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Sisterhood of the World

sisterhood award

A humble ‘thank you’ to Colleen of Silver Threading for her generosity in nominating me for this award.  I figure Colleen has worked out my affinity to the Sisterhood beyond being born female. 🙂

As kindly requested by Colleen (while she gently breaks all the rules 🙂 ), here is a brief summary of myself.  This is tough..what else to disclose that I haven’t already done so here in Meanings and Musings (as well as Rambling On)?

Well, I was an advocate for women in domestic violence/abuse situations.  While no longer actively working in that space, I remain passionate about assisting and empowering women.

I presently have 15 books stacked by my bedside – all in varying stages of ‘read’.  This is not unusual, thus making me a ‘mad woman’ as I’d like to refer to myself at times.  Recently I owned the word ‘nerd’ for myself, perhaps ‘eccentric’ would be the next one?

Here are the bloggers which I am nominating for this award:

The Obscured Dreamer

Kim of Poetry on a Roll

BWSBL of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life and Your Path to Peace

Kate of Dazzling Whimsy

Krystina of Going for Om

So nominated bloggers, these are not ‘rules’ though it would be a great pleasure to know you better.  So do provide us with ‘interesting facts about me’, that is not already on your blog.  Then, pass this award onwards to bloggers whom you wish to welcome into the sisterhood!

– FlorenceT



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