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Soul experience of sex

sensual mother

Sex, sex, sex… that got your attention, 🙂 ? We know what ‘it’ is, don’t we? And how disappointing some of ‘it’ can be.

There IS more to sex than what’s being portrayed in the media and beyond the discourse of rights and freedom.

Sex has soul. In fact, sex is an experience of soul.  Often we seek to deny this and try to place sex solely in the realm of the physical, mental and psychological. Human sexuality, eros, sensuality, pleasure and desire are life-affirming, soulful imperatives of Life. And when we experience it merely in the physical, mental and/or psychological plane, we lose something intrinsically beautiful and joyful.

A human being personifies a world of meanings – of dreams, fears, wishes, emotions, memories, cultural imprints, and an inner life of thought and fantasy. They are what ‘soul’ is… and sex is a space where these meanings can be expressed or made.  Sex is a vital source for the fulfilment of life.

It is unfortunate that contemporary society approaches sex as an egoic act – and therefore the talk of individual rights and freedom stem from it. And within this paradigm, egos posit what is right, what is wrong, what is appropriate, what is taboo, what is to be repressed, what is to be stigmatized.


Sex, as soul expression, and eros, pleasure and desire as soul needs, is to be celebrated. Consider this. Soulful sexuality can exist in the intense passion in the bedroom or the playful flirtation in social situations. Have you ever been ‘turned on’ by exquisite art, inspiring architecture, stirring music, or delectable food? Well, soulful sexuality at play. Why not lighten up? Is there an issue being sensuous in the food we prepare, the clothes we wear, the décor of our lounge room? Should there be an appraisal of someone’s sexy manner or behaviour, or sexual creativity say in visual arts or performing arts? Ought there be judgment on a flirtatious personality or attractive encounters?

This is not to say that it is all ‘beautiful’ and ‘good’.  Because sex is an expression of soul, soul has its Shadow, which cannot be denied or repressed. We can honour this Shadow, meaning to accept that it is within us, recognizing it as part of our life journey. As we know, life can get downright messy, can it not?

Pay attention to your soulful life unfolding – just being, noticing and reflecting. No active doing required.  I agree, it’s easier said. However my experience has been that it is a matter of quiet practice. We are capable of it.

Solitude_of_Soul_Lorado Taft

As Thomas Moore said, “Sex gives life color and vivacity. When we hide it out of fear, our personal lives and our social life become flat”, so “our choices are basic: either Eros or Thanatos, sex or death”.

 How do you express your soulful sexuality?

What is your shadow self, and how do you respond to it?

Where are you in your soul life journey?


– FlorenceT


Image #3 ‘Solitude of the Soul’ by Lorado Taft

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6 thoughts on “Soul experience of sex”

  1. Sex, and whatever that means to each person, is like all other aspects of living. It’s best shared with enthusiasm, integrity, and loving kindness. It gets even better with practice.


  2. Dear Florence,

    This is one of the most beautiful articles I’ve ever read about sexuality. Not surprisingly, you had me at sex and soul! You express so beautifully what I believe wholeheartedly, sexuality is spiritual, no question. We are such delicately designed beings and through our expression of our passions and what lights us up we are channeling that creative throb.

    Divine indeed. 🙂

    Beautiful article, thank you for this.

    Peace, always,



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