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Who is the beloved?


I  come here, as I often do, to fill my senses and to absorb the peace that characterizes this little nook.  There is always something to appreciate, and I use this word as it is defined, “to recognize the full worth of“, here.

I sit on the one weather-worn bench and just be – the one place where my mind is not compelled to think, my emotions not evoked.  Being here alone rejuvenates, there is no need for doing.

i am awed by the understated aspects and design of this garden, that holds so much memory and speaks so loudly of love amidst the sweet sound of silence.  There is nothing better than simplicity, don’t you think?

Yet it only entered my consciousness today when I meandered among the azaleas, and noticed that each time I come here, I walk along and read the plaques. They have become familiar yet I could not resist, it would seem.

Their names and the age they left us exposed for all to see.  Also those who loved and mourned them.  Instead of being struck by our mortality, I feel the love.  That’s what brings me here… love with a capital ‘L’.  This is Love that despite the passing years, the ones who remain continue to maintain the garden.  This is Love that the passing of time cannot extinguish such that they still return to feel that love once more.  So who is the beloved? One who is no longer with us, or they who return to pay their respects?

So once again, I am brought back to a place of not-knowing and being fine with it; to a place of Love and the connection with all that is alive.  I am centred to begin my day.

What do you do to centre yourself?


Enter into the flow of love with a quiet mind and see all things with love as part of yourself.                                     Ram Dass


What are your thoughts on this?

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